A Berlin based strategic communications and negotiations advisory rooted in a management consulting background.

The Company


Panke Street is a strategic advisory rooted in a management consultancy background. We support clients with their internal and external corporate communication as well as negotiation strategies.


To be rooted in management consulting means: We combine a strong understanding of business strategy with communications and negotiations advice.


The focus of our work is on challenging, business critical situations – on strategy, transformation, and crises.


Panke Street is a young company founded in 2015 – the ambition is to become recognized as a boutique whose quality is on a par with top professional service firms in other fields.


We keep striving for excellence and go out of our way to provide clients with superior service in the situations that matter most to them.


Panke Street GmbH
Schwedenstr. 17
13357 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 548 462 64

Dominik Cziesche

Founder, born 1977

Previous Employment

Boston Consulting Group
Management Consultant

Brunswick Group

Frank Walter Steinmeier, then head of the SPD in the German Parliament
Deputy Chief of Staff

Der Spiegel
Staff Writer


Harvard University
Master in Public Administration (McCloy Scholar)

London School of Economics and Political Science
Master in Politics and Communications

Deutsche Journalistenschule
German School of Journalism



We have a strong record of developing and helping to implement communication strategies, for example with positioning, reputation, and thought leadership programs.


We support clients with managing the internal and external communication around complex transformations: restructurings, change programs, carve-outs, M&As, crises and labor conflicts.


We develop strategies for complex, multi-party negotiations and help organizations create value in situations that might otherwise lead to a dead end.


Panke Street has wide experience in offering executive and team trainings, including sophisticated simulation exercises and real-life scenarios.  

How we work together with clients

We put great effort in understanding and contributing to underlying business decisions of our clients and develop tailor-made suggestions.

In practical terms, we closely align with the business and provide communication plans on how and in which sequence to engage stakeholders – from employees, investors, journalists, customers to regulators. We support the planning of key projects together with company internal parties  like CEOs,  Heads of Business Lines, Legal, and HR. Of course, part of our work is also the on the ground writing of stakeholder, media and social media engagement strategies, of key messages, executive briefings, Q&As and speeches, for example.

As a strategy boutique we usually do not compete with large network PR agencies. Rather we are used to managing projects that include other service firms.